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Submission Form - Mayor Byron W. Brown's Civic Innovation Challenge Powered by AT&T

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  4. Instructions
    Welcome to the Mayor Byron W. Brown's Civic Innovation Challenge Powered by AT&T Submission Form! Please fill out all required information labeled with red asterisks. The team captain should be the WNY resident or student on your team so we can quickly verify that you've satisfied the geographic requirement of having one WNY resident or student on your team (for more details, go to . Please include name and contact information for all team members so we can effectively recognize all winning teams' members at the Grand Finale.
  5. Team Information
  6. Team Member #1 (Captain)
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  11. Project Information
  12. If your project was a product, what would you call it? Be creative!
  13. You must include a written description summarizing your technological solution. The summary should clearly articulate what your solution is and how it will help the City of Buffalo streamline operations and enhance service delivery.
  14. You must include a short summary video no more than four (4) minutes long. The Summary Video must include a demo of the solution and include voiceover or narrative by person on screen explaining the demo. Please upload your video to a video-sharing website such as YouTube or Vimeo and provide the link.
  15. If you are submitting a software solution as your entry, please provide a link to a working desktop, web, or mobile application. If you are uploading your desktop or mobile application below, please put N/A in this field.
  16. If you are submitting a desktop or mobile application, you can upload the file here.
  17. If you wrote choose to share the source code for your solution, please provide a link where the code can be accessed and reviewed.
  18. Electronic Signature Agreement*
    By checking the "I agree" box below, I have read and will adhere to the rules of Mayor Byron W. Brown’s Civic Innovation Challenge, powered by AT&T
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