What is Open Data Buffalo?

Open Data Buffalo is the City of Buffalo, New York’s official open data program that makes public information publicly available for free in accessible and machine-readable formats. It is currently ranked #4 in the nation on the U.S. City Open Data Census. Open data enhances data-driven decision making, increases transparency, drives internal efficiencies, and fosters innovation. Mayor Byron W. Brown’s Civic Innovation Challenge Powered by AT&T is structured to spur this innovation by creating a friendly competition to see what is possible when we, as a city, open our data and engage the local community to develop civic technology to benefit residents.

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1. How is COVID-19 affecting the Civic Innovation Challenge? Has the submission deadline been pushed back?
2. What is Mayor Byron W. Brown's Civic Innovation Challenge Powered by AT&T?
3. Who organized this Challenge?
4. What can I win?
5. When will the Challenge take place?
6. How is the prize awarded? How is my project going to be judged?
7. How do we submit an entry?
8. Why is the Challenge happening?
9. When and how will winners be notified?
10. Are there any special requirements to participate in the Challenge?
11. How can I help spread the word about the Challenge?
12. What is Open Data Buffalo?
13. Why is AT&T involved?