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Submission for Innovation Challenge

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    Welcome to the Mayor Byron W. Brown's Civic Innovation Challenge Powered by AT&T Submission Form! Please fill out all required information labeled with red asterisks. The team captain should be the WNY resident or student on your team so we can quickly verify that you've satisfied the geographic requirement of having one WNY resident or student on your team. Attendees of Hack Upstate are also encouraged to enter. Please include name and contact information for all team members so we can effectively recognize all winning teams' members at the Awards ceremony. Please include your team name and feel free to be creative! Good luck everyone!

  2. If your project was a product, what would you call it? Be creative!

  3. Did you attend Hack Upstate?*

    Participants of Hack Upstate are encouraged to enter. There is no requirement to attend any event to submit.

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