Judging Criteria

Community Benefit (30%)

Does the solution have a clear positive impact on the community? Does the solution have the potential to increase quality of life for the residents of Buffalo?

Creativity/Novelty (20%)

Is the solution unique? Innovative? Does it endeavor to tackle a community issue in a creative and thoughtful way?

Execution (30%)

To what extent did your team successfully execute upon your project concept? Did you provide an interactive demo or a working prototype? Does the code work? Is the user interface intuitive and friendly?

Video (10%)

Does your video clearly and concisely tell us what issue you’re hoping to help, the solution you’re introducing, and the data you’ve leveraged?

Wow Factor (10%)

Is your solution mind-blowingly awesome? Did it make the judges’ jaws drop? Did you think so far outside the box the box ceases to exist?! These points are for you!